how is ibrahgim cherahil

how is ibrahgim cherahil

Ibrahim cherahil, born on April 12, 2003, known on the communication sites as Brahim chr, meaning chr, is a purification of the nickname he bears. He is a French artist of 100% Algerian origin (father and mother), he has a brother and sister, and he is the middle son. He currently lives with his parents, as he stated that Family is more important than anything he owns. He is also a major developer at the American company Apple. In 2018 he participated in the developer competition and ranked second in the world. He was invited by the Russian state as a professional developer who loves his hobby.

Ibrahim is not much accused of social networking sites, as he tends more to privacy and does not share his topics and news much with television

From 2016 to 2023, he shared only 34 photos of him

the biography

His father, a mechanic and trader, has been a fan of the Internet since he was young. Algerian viewers knew him through the national competition, from which he became famous. For the sake of professionalism, he joined a team of developers in Dubai, then he was discovered by a director who offered him his first job in computing development.

2022 02 18 12 18 IMG 1088.jpg

In a short time, he was able to reach a large fan base from the country and abroad

Unfortunately, his Instagram account was hacked and he opened a new account for him

This is an account now on the Instagram platform

He also has another account, but only for family and friends @itsmebrahim.prosche

2022 09 26 11 32 IMG 1092.jpg

And this picture, which he was with his friend in the sea, won great admiration from the fans

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